They did it in playgrounds. They did it in festival campsites and nursing homes. And now they’re not doing it anymore. Except for on Fridays, after necking two bottles of tonic wine and a wrap of inscrutable crystals that were discovered inside a johnny pocket following a lost weekend in the 'Dam. I’m talking about planking of course.

clint eastwood crocodile dundee

Why do Asians take pictures of everything? And what's blinking got to do with it? Ed Uncovered finds out.

catwalk handbag

The answer mankind has been waiting for.

They're really annoying, you're doing them and you need to stop doing them before the internet's collective tard level reaches critical mass. Got that?

bad sleep

What's the worst sleep you've ever had? From sleepless in the bushes to sleepless in the cells, Ed Uncovered recalls five nights to forget.

happy halloween

From Edward Snowden to the Peru Two: this year's most tasteless, topical and achingly cool Halloween outfits.