NYE 2014

New Year’s resolutions are a waste of time. If you want to get stuff done in 2014, here’s how.

Facebook died long before its 800 million users found themselves up in arms over a bit of skin appearing in their news feed. The site has been in terminal decline for over two years now, insidiously haemorrhaging content and replacing it with ads, spam and pictures of cute kittens.

If the UK government are on a covert mission to piss off most of Latin America, they’re doing a faptastic job of it. As well as risking the sanctity of every British embassy in South America, they’re still emanating butt-hurt over that shitty piece of land known as the Falkland Islands.

edinburgh glasgow train

Glasgow, we love you. Edinburgh, we love you more. Here’s why.

women better than men

Admit it guys: you’d trade your life for ours in a heartbeat.

men v women

50 sexual achievements to unlock before you die. (SFW)