Jizzus Christ – twisted freak or silent guardian?

20 reaction faces that describe the 20 greatest moments of your life. We BuzzFeed now.

What a shitty week it’s been for LinkedIn. Could things get any worse for the beleaguered business network? Probably not, but we’ll certainly do our best to gratuitously stick the boot in.

Do you know your Linux from your LOIC? Have you ever told someone to delete System 32? Ed Uncovered is looking for a tech-minded apprentice to join our highly-unmotivated team of talented wastrels.

Girl comes home drunk and starts speaking sh*t. Boy records that sh*t and posts it online.

They did it in playgrounds. They did it in festival campsites and nursing homes. And now they’re not doing it anymore. Except for on Fridays, after necking two bottles of tonic wine and a wrap of inscrutable crystals that were discovered inside a johnny pocket following a lost weekend in the 'Dam. I’m talking about planking of course.