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I Rode the £750m Edinburgh Trams and They Were Worth Every Penny

Ed Uncovered test rides the Edinburgh trams while resisting the urge to snap selfies.

The Buckfast Conspiracy – Is Scotland’s National Drink Under Threat?

Word on the street is that Buckfast production is to halt. Ed Uncovered investigates the ghastly rumour.

Every Time I Die – The Tunnels Aberdeen Gig Review

On Sunday 9th February, Every Time I Die, The Story So Far and Grader played at The Tunnels Aberdeen. This is what happened.

10 of the Best: Edinburgh Food Blogs

Ed Uncovered rounds up the ten best Edinburgh food blogs. Restaurant reviews, cupcakes and Scottish recipes with nary a deep-fried Mars Bar in sight.

Beating Cancer – By Photographing the Crap Out of It

The trouble with #nomakeupselfie. Ed Uncovered guest blog.

Mike Tyson “Undisputed Truth” – Book Review

Iron Mike pulls no punches in his autobiographical tale of pugilism, hedonism and addiction. Book review by Ronnie McCluskey.

My Life in Reaction Faces

20 reaction faces that describe the 20 greatest moments of your life. We BuzzFeed now.

50 Great Names for Drunk

Choosing to get drunk is easy. Choosing the right name for drunk is hard. Here, have some help.

It’s a Jizzmas Miracle – Cum Bottle Guy Returns

Jizzmas 2013: a heart-warming tale of generosity, good cheer and good gravy.

Who the F*** is Cum Bottle Guy?

Jizzus Christ – twisted freak or silent guardian?

Patrice Wilson Loves Chinese Food and Exploiting Little Girls

Pato Patrice Wilson – Pop Messiah or a very naughty boy? Ed Uncovered profiles the man behind Rebecca Black’s Friday and Chinese Food.

The Watson Twins: World Champion Attention Whores

Who the hell are the Watson twins and how did they get to be such attention whores? Boxing fanatic Ronnie McCluskey finds out.

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