Dear Shiny Happy Person who’d like to become my five-minute friend, I would love to donate to the cause you’re hustling collecting for, really, I would. But first, I feel it is my duty to draw your attention to an even worthier cause, one that lies closer to home.


They're really annoying, you're doing them and you need to stop doing them before the internet's collective tard level reaches critical mass. Got that?

princes street trams


Five reasons why the Edinburgh trams could fail. Because pessimism is great fun.

yummy mummies


If you've begun trading boozy nights out for cookery shows and farmers' markets, be careful – you might be turning into a homemaker.


Jizzus Christ – twisted freak or silent guardian?

secret plumber


What The Secret Plumber’s Twitter meltdown can teach us about etiquette, bad driving and social media. And bad plumbing too, of course.