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Film Review: I, Daniel Blake

Ronnie McCluskey reviews Ken Loach’s latest film, “I, Daniel Blake”, an excoriating takedown of the Tory government’s record on welfare.

The Mastery of Mog

MC extraordinaire Mog is a man of few words but many bars. Ronnie McCluskey picks his favourite lyrics from Scottish hip-hop’s modern-day Robbie Burns.

50 Great Names for Your Period

Colourful names for the most colourful time in a woman’s life. Because why have a period when you can birth a blood diamond and have a red wedding?

The End of an Aura: Forever FFaF

On April 11th 2016, Funeral For a Friend brought their final tour to Glasgow ABC. Ronnie McCluskey was there to capture the euphoria and the (emo)tion.

How Dodgy is Your Phone?

Scroll through your phonebook. Exclude everyone you’ve fucked, kissed, scored from or done drugs with. How many numbers are left?


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