nicolas cage reaction face


Think of the most pivotal moments in your life. Yes, all 20 of them. Picture the look on your face at each precise moment in time. Now exaggerate that feel by a factor of 50 and choose a suitable reaction face.

Buzzfeed so hard

Yes, that is the game we’re playing today. Yes, I am kinda busy with real world shit, so Ed Uncovered might be a little quieter than normal – full service will be resumed next week. Till then you’re gonna take My Life in Reaction Faces and you’re gonna read it and you’re gonna react to it with outpourings of love. Or laughs. Or whatever. Just give me a metric I can feel, feed off and fap to.

Otherwise, we’re just random strangers sat behind opposing feelstations, staring at the same webpage and wondering why we feel so empty. It’s lonely out there on the internet.

My life in reaction faces

dog reaction face

mfw i discover where babies come from

babies reaction face

mfw i discover fapping

fap reaction face

mfw i find my first porno

porn reaction face



mfw i see my first vagoo

vagoo reaction face



mfw when I lose my virginity


mfw i first get stoned

boxxy reaction face



mfw I land an apple core perfectly in the bin

wow doge

my o-face

orgasm reaction face

mfw coming up on my first pill

pill reaction face


mfw no gf




mfw i lose the police in a chase

police reaction face

mfw long weekend in the cells

cells reaction face

mfw just got bail

bail reaction face



mfw eating a soor haribo

bateman soor

mfw stopped with weed in the car

weed reaction face




 mfw i first saw goatse




mfw i see goatse now

goatse reaction face



mfw see britney’s up skirt pics

britney reaction face



my reaction face after reading my blog of reaction faces

reaction face rf



my rf after seeing my rf of my rf


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