The 10 Best EDM Artists of All Time

The electronic dance music genre is one that has a huge following. However, one thing that is still significant is that it does not get the publicity it deserves, or rather the type that other genres get. But the past 20 years have done a lot of good to the reputation and popularity of this type of music, and it has garnered a lot of promotion. Below is a list of the 10 best EDM artists/DJs of all time.


He mastered the act of reading the room in any club or event and setting the mood to where he wants it. He knows how to get people into a frenzy and get the tension to an unimaginable height with his tribal grooves. With more headliners than many others, he is among the best that ever lived.

Calvin Harris

This Scottish all-rounder in the music industry already had hip-hop hit tracks to his name. His music is always top chart. People may say he is now going towards the mainstream with his recent songs, but he sure knows how to blend things. He is among the best ever.

Claude VonStroke

Of course, anyone who is into the Edm music world will understand that he is the only one who will get a depressed teen to shake that booty. Yes, those shaky things are his favorite, and he does so well in them. You can check out the Chicago Slutty and Berin Sleek.


When you have a German Russian that could bring hits like Transmission and Break Free to life, then you should put his name here. His True Colors was the highest debut on the billboard 200. This is enough for him to be listed among the best ever.

Sander Kleinenberg

This Dutch brother is the inn thing now and undoubtedly the favorite at the moment. His dance floor sets are massive and can get you up from a coma. Come to his club performance and you will enjoy contemporary sounds not laced in cheese.


Danny Tenaglia

Danny did not acquire his celebrity status by sitting at home. He gets into the clubs, and with stamina and artistry he takes people on a 12 hour journey of just tribal tunes. He brings the old to the new.


This American young artist is the one that made dub-step very popular. If you achieve this feat in Edm, you have made your mark.  Recess debuted on the BB200, and that took him to the highest debut for any Edm album alongside that of Zedd.


The cleanliness of his beats, coupled with the highs and lows that link the aggressive and the elegant in what he produces, kills it any day. It’s just a few years and he has written his name boldly in electronic dance music.

Richie Hawton

Last year, he had Arkives 1993-2010: Reference Edition and it was great. This 16-disc retrospect is something else. His recent shows are what people will kill to get into. You will always feel that innovation, sense of risk like in casino sun bingo online, and the desire to push more boundaries. He is the second best ever.


His music is more of what lies underneath it. He is Swedish and has been a DJ, mixer and record producer.  His music is always scintillating. They come with a very deep sound that makes you to start seeking meanings. Waiting for love, the nights, for a better day and others will just simply explain why he is the best ever.