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Do you love graphic design? Like really, truly adore it? Do you have a passion for vectors and a penchant for typography?

Don’t answer that. You don’t have to answer that because it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you are a designer and, like every aspiring professional, you’d like to get better. Whether you’ve been in the game for a year or a decade, there’s always room for improvement. Pro graphic designer Craig Scott picks ten industry Twitter accounts that are essential following. Make space for them in your timeline and allow their goodness to permeate your life.

Smashing Mag

smashing magSmashing Mag runs one of the most popular Twitter accounts for web designers/developers. Follow these guys to discover articles on everything from coding basics to mobile dev.


creatticaA perpetual stream of design, illustration, typography and UI design inspiration. Essential.


line 25Run by Chris Spooner (@chrisspooner), Line25 features weekly showcases of web and graphic design as well as offering links to design resources, tutorials and other content that’ll get your creative juices gushing.

Design Newz

design newzDesign Newz is a news aggregator site that links to a vast array of design articles on the web; expect to find everything from tutorials to resources and industry roundups. Their timeline is always crammed with highly clickable links – go get ‘em.

Go Media Zine

Go Media ZineGo Media is the studio behind Go Media Zine, which includes tutorials, inspirational features and a popular Insights series. Go Media work for a number of big bands (Metallica; Stone Sour) and produce some awesome work. Follow them on Twitter for invaluable tutorials and advice for aspiring designers.


tutsplusIf you’re a designer looking to acquire new skills, you need to follow Tutsplus (as well as their more specialist accounts such as PSDTuts). With links to free and premium tutorials, autodidactism has never been easier.

Design Taxi

design taxiEssentially the Buzzfeed of the design world, Design Taxi presents interesting/distracting mini articles on anything loosely related to design, from Twitter Cake recipes to #DOWANT futuristic living spaces. They also feature graffiti on naked women which, from a design perspective, is always appreciated.

Fuel Your Creativity

fuel creativityThe Fuel brand offers well-written articles on every aspect of design, as well as news and a Featured Creatives series. Check out the rest of their network of sites for similar articles on Illustration, Photography, and Coding etc.


behanceBehance is like Pinterest for creatives: users view showcases of works from various illustrators, designers and photographers and have the ability to follow and ‘appreciate’ their peers’ work. There’s some excellent content to be found on Behance which makes for compelling viewing.

Design Museum

design museumIf I ever make it to London, the Design Museum will be top of my visit list. For now, I’ll settle for absorbing the scintillating pieces they post on their Twitter feed.




 Craig Scott is a graphic and web designer based in Scotland. Check out his work at or add him on Twitter to see what he’s been up to.


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