The 5 Most Famous Fictional Gambling Characters Ever

If you go rouletting in the casinos or play poker, then it is no surprise if you have a gambling idol. But if we talk about gambling fantasies or the thought of becoming a millionaire midnight, then there are some fictional characters that pop up in our minds. The techniques and methods used by those fictional characters creates inspiration amongst rookie players and also triggers imagination amongst people like us.

Ever wondered how gamblers make their way from scratch to becoming affluent masterminds? Did you ever get so inspired from a fictional gambler that you got yourself into the play?

Here is a list for you of your own top fictional gamblers who will truly boost your gambling fantasies:

Rusty Ryan

Ocean’s 11 was earmarked with the fine performance of Rusty Ryan, the gambler who not only plays but also teaches how to play. The metaphors used by the smooth criminal, Rusty, in the whole course of ransacking those three biggest casinos are marvelous. Comedy centered, munching gourmand and with those superior acting skills, the gambler played by Brad Pitt is utterly inspiring.  

James Bond

Casino Royale was featured by the showdown between James Bond and Le Chiffre. The way he fans the cards wearing that tuxedo, the bond woman and that high stake game at Casino Royale has impressed massive group of audiences. This thriller has driven many into gambling businesses. Till date, it is one of the best portrays of gambling and casino world in any motion-picture.

Teddy KGB

The creepy gambler and stone cold killer from Rounders (1998), played by John Malkovich with antiquely genius Russian accent was an outstanding depiction of an outlaw gambler. He plays against a novice with gambling addiction who loses big chunk of money in gambling to him. A lot of gamblers are big fan of Teddy and his head movements. Moreover, they try copying him at times.

Axel Freed

The scene of James Caan (Axel) in ‘The Gambler’ in the bathtub was totally unique. The movie was made as a fictional story by James Toback which was inspired by his own teachings and gambling addiction. How a professor runs into a huge debt due to gambling and how he proceeds with his life, suffering from the same is depicted by Axel Freed in the movie. It has also outlined how hippies and bookies used to run the gambling market before the existence of online gambling.

Henry Gondroff

You must watch ‘The Sting’ as it is one of the finest pictures of the 20th Century. Johnny Hooker teams up with old poker genius Paul Newman (Henry) to manage a scam so detailed that it covers poker playing as well as horse racing. The movie features a scam within another scam. The confident trickster role of Henry has inspired real life gamblers to a great extent. With his charismatic and effortless charm, he made the movie the best motivating motion-picture for gambling aspirants.