jerk paste cumA healthy vocabulary is a sign of a healthy mind. Wouldn’t life be boring if fuck was the only curse word, vag the only vagoo word and cum the only cum word?

Expanding your vocabulary won’t just broaden your mind: it’ll furnish you with 50 fizzing pejoratives with which to liken your enemies to a jizz-stained wankcloth.

Don’t simply read this seminal list: feast on it, gargle with it and rub it into your stomach. Brain food’s never tasted better.

Regular names for sperm

★ Jizz

★ Spaff

★ Goo

★ Face cream

★ Man yoghurt

★ Baby gravy

★ Face paint

★ Splooge

★ Cream of Sum Yung Guy

★ Love potion

★ Cock cream

★ Baby oil

★ Jerk sauce

★ Baby batter


Sophisticated names for spunkjizz everywhere

★ Gentleman’s relish

★ Liquid pearls

★ Swimmers


Names to scream as you ejaculate on a stranger

★ Manblast

★ Dickspit

★ Salty surprise


Names for sperm mixed with menstrual blood

★ Prawn cocktail - photo

Cum names to share at the dinner table

★  Muscle milk

★ Daddies Sauce

★ Guilt shake

★ Nut wallop

★ Family fudge

spiderman cum★ Badger milk

★ Penis pudding

★ Protein shake

★ Face paint

★ Twinkie filling

★ Pecker snot

★ Demon seed

★ Nut butter

★ Cock chowder

★ Drain babies

★ Albino lipstick

sperm names


Words I just made up

★ Foetal matter

★ Dipping sauce

★ Anal grease

★ Prick stick

★ Tit paste

names for jizz★ Sour milk

★ Mangoo

★ Fapple juice

★ Clotted cream

★ Cock coulis

★ Clunge gunge

★ Gash dressing

★ Cream cleaner

★ Red eye surprise


Got a better name for penis puree? Smear it in the comments below.


cum names

By Ed Uncovered


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