anti valentines message


Love. Easy to spell, hard to describe. Too shy to confess our feels, we let the greeting card industry speak on our behalf. And what a lousy job they make of it. Is it any wonder our crush shudders when handed a Hallmark card oozing teddy bears and saccharine?

In 2014, there’s only one way to win your beloved’s heart: by sending a post-modern anti-valentine’s message. If that doesn’t do the trick, you must be really creepy. A winning slogan can only do so much.

Share these with your friends. Send them to your crush. Snapchat them or post them in a letter sealed with your elixir of love. Happy Valentine’s Day, you weirdo.

Words: Ed Uncovered

Graphics: Kaiga Design




Cool for a guy


Cool for a girl


You'd get it


The D


I don't hate you






If I can't have you no one can




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