105 Lauriston Place

What’s this? A themed pub established in homage to a band of erstwhile goth rockers? Oh, so it’s Brauhaus, with an R! Well I’m glad we cleared that one up. Located on Laurison Place, a street famous for, well, nothing whatsoever, Brauhaus is beer heaven on earth. Unless you don’t like beer of course, in which case it is veritable beer hell. However, if you like your beer like you like your women (as a purchasable commodity available in a multitude of colours and flavours), you’ll love Brauhaus. Their beer selection is so diverse they stock ales from countries that haven’t been invented yet, housed in an expansive cellar that would make an Austrian jealous. Any pub that comes with its own beer menu demands to be drank – or rather banqueted – in.

The bar staff are knowledgeable (and extremely cute in at least one instance), and, well, did we mention how much beer they sell? With pretzels served over the counter and obscure Turkish football invariably showing on the TV, Brauhaus contains everything you never thought to wish for in a pub.

Sample prices: Varied. It’s possible to pay anything from £2.80 to £10 a bottle, depending on how flush/foolishly intoxicated you’re feeling.

Try: A Chimay washed down with a Cruzan rum. Hits the spot every time.

Avoid: The bogs at all cost. Even if your first name is George and your surname rhymes with cycle.