The cast of Hedda Gabler cosied up for the cameras in Oslo following a glittering premiere of the movie. Photographer Nigel Waldron worked his magic in Henrik Ibsen’s Oslo apartment, with the actors clearly having some fun as the film’s promotional schedule starts to ramp up.

Ibsen is the man responsible for reworking the classic Victorian period drama which is widely regarded as a masterpiece of 19th century writing. In the capable hands of Henrik Ibsen, and meticulously directed by up-and-coming producer Matthew John, the tale looks poised to enchant a new generation. Rita Ramnani plays Hedda, the idealistic heroine who is fighting fate and the judgemental society she finds herself trapped in. The film, which was shot in the South West of England, also stars David R Butler as Jeorge Tesman, Samantha Hunt as Thea Elvsted, Jon Paul Gates as Judge Brack and Francisco Ortiz as the dashing Eilert Lovborg.

With H&M supplying the outfits, the cast looked relaxed as they fooled around for the benefit of Nigel Waldron’s lens. More information on the forthcoming Hedda Gabler movie can be found on the film’s official website and Facebook page.


By Ed Uncovered