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Do not adjust your screen


Regular visitors (or Angels from Heaven as I affectionately know you) may have noticed some changes to this site. Like the fact that I’ve been writing a helluva lot more articles about a helluva lot more stuff. You might also have noticed that Ed Uncovered is a lot busier these days.

For 2014, my goal is to make Ed Uncovered my actual job. I’m bored of churning out ‘New Year, New You’ articles for clients; I can’t fake that whole copywriting thing any more. Instead, I’m going to try and scrape a living from publishing the occasional business feature.

What this means

a day in the ed uncovered officesAlthough Ed Uncovered is changing, the good news is it’s staying the same. In 2014, you can expect the same dose of entertainment, information, lulz and trolling that are my stock in trade. The day I’m forced to tone down my writing is the day I burn this site to the ground, or whatever it is you do when a website loses its edge.

Should I publish a business feature on the site (say a restaurant review or an interview), it’ll be clearly marked as such. What’s more, it will read just like any other article on the site. Y’know: funny, informative, honest. The business features will probably contain less no swearing, but that’s all.

Entertain us

In an era of bland advertorials and lame puff pieces, it’s hard to know which sites you can trust. Is this news or is it PR dressed as news? Is this a restaurant review or a circle jerk? People just want the truth, preferably with a side portion of humour. Honesty > bullshit every time. That’s why local businesses – good local businesses – will be getting involved with Ed Uncovered in 2014. (It doesn’t hurt that our articles rank highly on Google either: ‘Edinburgh’s best burrito’; ‘Rascals Edinburgh’; ‘The Secret Plumber’. Ahem.)

While I’m focused on taking Ed Uncovered to the next level, I’m going to be overworked, burned out and ridiculously skint – so no change there.

How can I help?

Nice of you to ask. If you’ve been following Ed Uncovered for a while and like the cut of our jib, all I ask is that you keep reading. The reads, shares and comments that you generate mean everything. If you like this site, tell a friend. If you love it, tell two friends. And that’s all.

Share the love, enjoy the awesome new content and finally, put it there:

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If you’ve read this far, you truly are an Angel from Heaven. See you in 2014.