“No Woman, No Guy”

Jonny Woo
Assembly George Square
19th - 26th August

My abiding memory of this show is that I have no abiding memory of this show. I remember some wigs. And something that bulged suspiciously like a penis beneath Jonny Woo’s slutty underwear. But that’s about it. Oh, there were heels, too, and songs. But not very good ones – the songs that is. The heels were magnificent, I’ll grant Woo that.

Jonny Woo: Wonder Woo-man is the most colourful, brash and flamboyant show I’ve witnessed at the Fringe. It’s also the most forgettable. If you’ve seen one drag show, you’ve seen every drag show, and thus you’ve certainly seen this drag show. If you’ve never seen a drag show, it’s probably because you’ve no inclination to see a drag show, in which case you’re not going to drag yourself along to this drag show. And if you’re wondering why this review consists of little more than gratuitous use of the words drag and show, it’s because I can’t think of much else to write about this drab drag show.

I mean, what else would you like to know: the colour of Woo’s underwear? His bra size?

There’s nothing wrong with the spectacle of a 40-year-old man clad in spandex and sequins tottering about in vertiginous heels – provided it’s being done for our amusement, rather than as a form of personal therapy. Woo has his moments, but one suspects that most of his career highlights occurred ten years ago in New York. In 2012, he’s just an eyeshadow of the man he once was.


Kitty’s verdict? “Ooh, suits you, Woo.”








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