Playlist for your Poker Night – Top Songs

Are you looking for the ideal soundtrack for live or online poker nights? It is challenging to create a playlist for every mood for poker sessions. A good representation of songs from every genre, will add a new, fun dimension to your poker nights.

We have sourced our playlist from a broad cross-section to ensure that the fun and excitement is enduring. This playlist will ensure that your poker night never gets boring!

Be you be playing poker with friends around a table or playing online poker there are tunes here to suit everyone’s taste.

Our top picks are:

1. Waking up in Vegas by Katy Perry (2009): Las Vegas is the capital of the gambling world for a reason. The party never ends! This is what makes this song such a hit. It is about a young couple trying to figure out what happened the previous night. In this song, gambling is sidelined for partying, accidental marriages and getting inebriated. What makes this song memorable is the fact that it highlights the adage “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!”  So go ahead and create a memorable poker night with this song on your playlist.

2.  Desperado by The Eagles (1973): This song has frequent poker references, and has been written by Don Henley and Glenn Frey. The protagonist in the song is imprisoned in loneliness with the chance of dying alone. The Eagles attribute this situation to the luck of the draw. The lyrics have captured the essence of gambling perfectly through phrases such as “don’t you draw the queen of diamonds, boy, she’ll beat you if she’s able.” This song is ideal for a thrilling evening of poker.

3. Deuces are Wild by Aerosmith (1994): Procuring a two would have been your main objective if you have ever played deuces wild poker. Deuces can be whatever you desire them to be. This is the crux of this Aerosmith song because the object of his affection in this song is a woman who is passionate and up for trying anything. Aerosmith immortalizes this song with the lines “I love you ’cause your deuces are wild, girl, like a double shot of lovin’ so fine.” This song is perfect to add a bit of spunk to your poker night.

4. Huck’s Tune by Bob Dylan (2006): This song has been written for the hit movie “Lucky,” and the tune is a testament to Dylan’s expertise at his craft. In this song, Dylan highlights the travesties of poker, wealth and relationships. The song has many lines that are relatable and relevant to a session of poker such as “You push it all in, and you’ve no chance to win, you play’em on down to the end.” This song is a cult classic and a must-have on any poker night playlist.

5. Poker Face by Lady Gaga (2008): Lady Gaga has mirrored the similarities between love and poker in this super hit song that kick-started her singing career. Although, Lady Gaga has lost some of her luster of late, Poker Face was huge. The song features addictive beats and insinuations along with many references to poker such as “luck and intuition play the cards with spades to start.” This song will add a zing to your poker night whether it’s a live or online session.

So there you have it. These are our top five poker pics. What are yours?