“Kindergarten Pop”


Pop Lock-In
Electric Circus
2pm till 23rd August

 The bassline reverberates through the floor as the DJ blasts the latest anthems. Shapes are thrown, moves are busted and CHOONS are dropped. Through the semi-dark corridors of Electric Circus, girls chase after boys chasing girls. Cocktails are downed, hair is restyled and selfies snapped. It’s just another night in just another nightclub in town.

But wait a second, something’s wrong. Step outside and the sun still hangs high in the sky. What’s more, on closer inspection, some of these clubbers seem awfully young. Like, six years old young. What’s going on here?

Pop Lock-In, that’s what.

Take a bunch of kids. Put them in a nightclub in the middle of the day. Turn up the tunes, throw in some sparkles and what do you get?

Pop Lock-In, that’s what.

Two parts Bugsy Malone to one part TOWIE, this afternoon of sassy entertainment has been designed to appeal to kids and adults alike. The big ones get cocktails. The little ones get mocktails. The grown ups get tipsy. Their progeny get hyper. Cupcakes and glitter tats. Hair streaks and karaoke.

Two parts Bugsy Malone to one part TOWIE

For all its glamorous aspirations, Pop Lock-In is more Geordie Shore than Made In Chelsea; the ‘parents’ VIP room’ is a dim recess with a couple of tables, while the free mocktails and complimentary cupcakes eluded this parent. The hair streaking station is strangely mirrorless, preventing the kids from admiring their pink locks. It may not be brilliantly executed, but there’s no disputing that Pop Lock-In is a great idea.

‘When I grow up, I don’t want to go to adults’ parties. They’re boring,’ my seven-year-old had remarked earlier.

Pop Lock-In will leave you pining for the time when fizzy juice and sparkles were all it took to make a great night. Where did it all go wrong?

We grew up. That’s what happened.



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