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Even moar music

CHVRCHES were unavoidable in 2013 and, like everyone else, I succumbed to their synthy spell. It was inevitable.


Some righteous feel-good hip-hop:


My favourite Scottish music videos of the year were all recorded and shot in Edinburgh. First we had Bang Dirty with the feels-inducing Break Up:


Then, just last week, Werd released this paean to Auld Reekie:

The track is taken from Werd’s new album, Welcome to Anywhere.


Finally, Silvertongue put out The City before heading off to Australia to start afresh. Hopefully he’ll keep busting out tunes while he’s there, as the boy’s got game.


Final tweet intermission

[tweet httpss://twitter.com/whisperednothin/status/302440639889559552]

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 Moar tunage

Ask any Made In Chelsea fan (i.e any girl) for their artist of the year and you bet they’re gonna say Lorde. Here you go then:


Remurdered, by Glasgow post-rockers Mogwai, is magnificent.


Speaking of post-rock, this might just go down as my best find of the year. (OK, my mate’s best find.) Jakel is the work of one guy and it’s brilliant. Jump on this now and claim double scene points for being an early adopter.

Check out the full album here.


While we’re on Bandcamp, this track from Glasgow’s Bear Arms is pretty solid. One for Thrice fans.


For fans of sludgey metal, meanwhile, Edinburgh’s Dune are worth a shot:


As are Firebrand Super Rock, also from Edinburgh (thanks @pikapies)


Finally, for something a little lighter, this acoustic version of We Could Be Kings by Dave Hause is irresistible:

My favourite Twitter accounts of the year

I hate Upworthy, love Upworthy Spoiler.
[tweet httpss://twitter.com/UpworthySpoiler/status/413387560833273856]

Space Cats needs no explanation. It just is.

[tweet httpss://twitter.com/ItsSpaceCats/status/413403115673886721]

Google Poetics is literally sheer poetry.

google poetics

Selfies of the year

Well let’s face it, there was only going to be one winner here:


selfie of the year


Though a notable mention must go to the funeral selfies that stirred up debate and…fuck it, I can’t even be arsed going into it. Funeral selfies are now a thing. Deal with it.


selfies at funerals


Speaking of selfies, here’s one of the mysterious entity behind Ed Uncovered (yes, me). I took this in the bogs of Rascals to show how cool and mirrory their toilets are, but forgot to include it in the review. This is the closest you’re getting to a proper pic of the shadowy force that runs Ed Uncovered. Ladies, contain your orgams.


selfie of the year 2013


Freakiest pic of the year goes to the guy who shooped children’s faces onto their dolls. The results, were, well, see for yourself:


baby child face reverse


Finally, 2013’s greatest selfie that never was:


failed selfies

Earlier this week, I promised to tell you about some of the cool shit that’s happening on Ed Uncovered in 2014. That’s gonna happen tomorrow now as part of Friday’s listicle: Five New Year’s Resolutions You Can Actually Keep. See you then.



My favourite Ed Uncovered articles of 2013

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