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Every Sunday at 10am, a drowsy village awakens to a clash of cultures. They descend from all sides of the city and all corners of an orb that circles the sun at 108,000 km/h: Spanish chefs. French vintners. Scottish farmers and English locals.

Betwixt Saunders Street and Water of Leith, tents are raised and canopies hung. Trestle tables creak and groan. A leafy suburb comes to life.

stockbridge market paellaPaella topped with sprigs of thyme. Privileged students smoking rollies. Arbroath smokies. Pots of pesto. Tubs of pasta.

Pies. Not the football sort – bin lids slapped over congealed gravy that skulks underneath – but proper pies with proper names. Venison Wallace. Poachers Pocket. Buffalo Velvet.

Sockless rahs in velvet creps. Haddock, spinach, egg in crepes. Trinkets and baubles; gewgaws and curios.

Venison and game birds.

Fresh raw langoustines.

stockbridge market giftsCraft beer (oakwood matured).

Smoked mussels. Smoked salmon. Smoking hot and smouldering. From Musselburgh seeking mussels. Dressed crabs and dressy girls. Gourmet dog treats.

Gourmet dog treats.


Slow cooked, oven roasted, hand cut and rope grown. Long winter scarves. Short skirts and black tights. Double tees stockbridge market sauceswith shirts and patches. Puffy jackets, fleecy hoods.

Steam punk coffee.

Garlic prawns.

Artisan bread.


Gluten-free sausages for sensitive souls. Haggling with sole traders over dover sole. Wild grey squirrel and wild rabbit pie. Pulled pork (soon sold out). Sweet chestnut and stockbridge market piesblueberry jam.

Pasta With Love – what else? Handmade gingerbread – “Please try.”

Girls named Chloe and Olivia. Olives named Orientale and Ardalouse. Stuffed with chilli, rammed with garlic.

Stockbridge Market, Stockbridge Sundays. Come for the food. Stay for the scenery.

Farmers Market Dress Code


  • Style 1: Uggs/Hunters (bonus points for a back bow), quilted Barber, mirrored shades, beanie hat, satin scarf.
  • Style 2: Checked shirt, black rimmed glasses (worn up), woolly layers and ankle boots.


  • Style 1: Barbour jacket, shoulder bag, stripy scarf, tousled hair, educated accent (optional).
  • Style 2: Northface jacket, hiking boots, Oakleys, stubble, educated accent (optional).


stockbridge market vanStockbridge Market

  • Location: EH3 6TQ in the park bordered by Saunders Street/Kerr Street on the Water of Leith
  • Open: Sundays from 10 till 5
  • Stockbridge Market Website / Facebook / Twitter


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