There’s something different about Edinburgh Uncovered – it’s had a sex change.  Or rather a domain change.  And a facelift.  And a boob job and a penis reduction (because four inches is more than enough).  Welcome to the new-look Ed Uncovered.  We’ve dropped a few letters from the name, sexed it up a bit and imbued the whole shebang with a certain je ne sais quoi.  In other words, this shit is dope.

Pantie-moistening aesthetics aside, you’ll find all the usual staples of the old Edinburgh Uncovered faithfully recreated in the new Ed Uncovered.  To the uninitiated, this means rambling invectives, infrequent superlatives, inventive swearwords, gonzo journalism and humour that’s darker than Fritzl’s basement.  So it’s all good clean fun really.

What with all the stress of relocating and turning Ed Uncovered’s new house into a home, there’s been no time for completing the third part in the current series on Anonymous, internet censorship and the World War Web.  We’ll get baw-deep in their digital dystopia later this week.  For now though, take a look around, marvel at the pretty new pages and don’t let those naughty men in the masks scare you.  After all, we are all Anonymous.  Apparently.