Top 5 Mobile Games to Kill Brain Cells

Online games and puzzles are an excellent method to keep your mind active and improve concentration. In fact, some online games ensure that the brain is functioning at optimal levels with mental exercises. These games are beneficial for your grey cells while providing a fun distraction. In fact, regularly playing games that exercise the brain has been known to ward off various illnesses such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Mobile Games for Every Mood

We have compiled a list of the best online games available to test your mind. These games are engaging and challenge your brain to the utmost.

1. 2048:  20148 is a math-based puzzle that encourages logical thinking and building cognitive skills. The game appeals to a broad audience and can be played by younger players as it involves matching numbers. 2048 focuses on strategic planning as the player needs to find ways to maximize their time to play the game before depleting moves. While this game is easy to play, it is tough to become proficient, and thoroughly tests the brain while providing an entertaining distraction.

2. Chess Online: If you are looking for an exciting and challenging variation to the traditional game of chess, then Chess Online is the right fit for you. We all are aware of the intricacies and reasoning skills involved in the game of chess. Chess Online adds a new dimension to this old classic by providing the player with an opportunity to go against players from all over the world. This game features 3-D themes and is appropriate for players of all age groups. In Chess Online, you can go one-on-one with players in remote locations or play with your friends. Further, the game provides daily rapid chess challenges to test your mind.

3. Major Millions: Major Millions is a fun slot game based on a straightforward military theme. Major Millions has been in existence for a while, and it is enjoyed by numerous players worldwide. The game is understandably action oriented with a highly lucrative payout if the player hits the jackpot. The simplicity of this game is its principal attraction. The format of the game involves three same symbols in one line to get a payout. Further, this game comes with unique features that make it even more exciting and fun for players. The wild symbol applies a multiplier effect on the wins and activates the jackpot. Similarly, the scatter symbol appears randomly on the reels to provide the player with a hit.

4. Skillz: This game tests your memory and gives your brain great exercise. Skillz focuses on improving speed and the ability to differentiate between various colors. It is ideal for all age groups enabling players to develop multiple faculties while having a fun time. The game features different kinds of puzzles, and players advance to higher levels depending on the points scored. Skillz is a fun and innovative game where results are ranked between one and five stars. For each star, the player is given a “brain” which can be used to retry in the current round, pass a round or pass a level with five stars.

5. Logic Games: If you want an incredibly challenging game to test your brain power, then Logic Games is the game for you. This game is similar to a Rubik’s cube. However, it has pictures. The pictures can be maneuvered like a Rubik’s cube, and the game features many riddles ranging from four squares to 192 squares. This game is ideal for people who are interested in riddles and puzzles. It is the perfect game to hone your logical reasoning skills.