computer skid/l33t hacker/aspiring coder wanted for P/T apprenticeship


Want to work for Ed Uncovered?

Do you know your Linux from your LOIC?  Have you ever told someone to delete System 32?  Can you code… at all?  And if not, would you like to learn – fast?

We’re looking for an eager apprentice to join our small digital media company. That last sentence sounds pretty cool, which is why we left it in, but then we added this caveat: when we say ‘small’ we mean ‘home-based shambles’. But we have an office of sorts you can work from, provided you move the musical instruments out of the way and avoid the mantis. Oh, did we mention that we have a praying mantis? He’s cool; he just chills on the desk and devours the occasional blue-bottle or social media intern that gets lobbed his way. The cheeky pup has even got his own Twitter account and is currently training to become a master troll.

EU apprenticeship: duties may include returning video tapes and visiting the dry cleaners.

So getting back on point, here’s what we do: Music Production, Audio/Video Stuff, Web Hosting, Graphic Design, Wordpress, Copywriting, SEO (yuk!), Social Media and Stupidly Long Recruitment Ads. We create sites like this one (for fun) plus over 9,000 others (for blood diamonds).

Here’s what we’re seeking: if you’re a dynamic (we’re not allowed to say ‘young’) coder who’s looking to hone their skills on the job while earning a modest wage, get in touch. Design/video-editing/animation skills would be an advantage. Ultimately, enthusiasm and a willingness to put up with our crap are more important than god-tier Unix skills. You’ll get to mess around in the back-end of servers and do some basic programming plus a bunch of less glamorous jobs, like running to the shop for more chocolate digestives and restarting the router every time our internet dies.

And here’s what you get in return:

  • To practice and improve your skills on the job.
  • To work in a seriously laid-back environment (apart from when the internet dies – then we get uppity.)
  • To program, video edit, design and game on our highly fappable dual-boot machine.
  • To endure enjoy our mediocre banter and watch us get over-excited every time the mantis tears the wings off another victim.

If you’d like the tl;dr on all that, it goes as follows: computer skid/l33t hacker/aspiring coder wanted for P/T apprenticeship, with added lulz, learning and lucre.

Interdasted? Get in touch via the contact form below and tell us what you got.


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