ed uncovered adIf you have a way with words and an idea for an article, we want to hear from you. At present, Ed Uncovered is written by me, save for the occasional guest blog. I’m looking to get more people involved though, from Edinburgh and further afield.

If you’re wanting to blog for link-building purposes, see our Advertise page. If you’re keen to blog for the sheer pleasure of it however, read on. At present, Ed Uncovered is operated as a non-profit venture i.e. our income is zero. This may change in future, but as it stands, this site is written purely for fun.

Writing guidelines

  • Before you write anything, take a look around the site to get a feel for our house style.
  • If you have an original article that you think would suit Ed Uncovered, submit it using the form below. We’ll contact you prior to publishing.
  • If you’ve got an idea for an article but haven’t written it, even better. Give us the title and we’ll tell you whether it’s something we’d be interested in.
  • Once your article’s been received, we’ll proof it and email it back to you for approval. If the article requires major editing, we’ll inform you of this before commencing. We want every single article on this site to be amazing. If that means spending additional time on the editing process, so be it.
  • When your article’s good to go, we’ll publish it on EdUncovered.com and share it with our social media audience. You’ll be fully credited for the article, with a link back to your Twitter or website.

Got all that? Cool. Then email EdinburghUncoveredBlog at Gmail.com and let’s get this thing started.